Ranked-Choice Voting Santa Fe

PSA for Santa Fe's Mayoral Election.



A collaboration with PK Public Relations, Invisible City Designs, and Narrative Media.


This was a historic election campaign. In less than two months, PKPR acted quickly and decisively to make sure Santa Fe voters knew how to vote, where to vote and when to vote. LBB was tasked to create a 1:30 PSA to explain and clarify how ranked choice voting works. Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is a simple electoral reform that ensures fair and efficient elections. In a traditional election, the candidate with the most voter win, even if they do not receive the majority of the votes. This means voters often feel disengaged and are left to choose between the “lesser of two evils,” or vote for the candidate they feel has the best chance of winning, rather than supporting their favorite candidates. RCV promotes positive, inclusive and fair elections, which encourages a diversity of candidates and saves money by eliminating the need for run-off elections.

Explain ranked-choice voting in a cohesive, clear, and easy to understand manner. Utilized characters created by Invisible City Designs.


This spot helped clarify what ranked-choice voting is all about. Coupled with the rest of the campaign, it ensured that New Mexico’s first ever RCV election was not only successful, but that it was worthy of the trust of the voters.

39% increase in voter turnout from previous municipal election.
96% ballot accuracy.
81% of voters very satisfied with voter experience.
71% support for using RCV in future elections.
169,000 people with 10,300 engagements were reached through social media.
23,544 people (8,800 minutes) viewed the video with an engagement rate of 56 percent.
2,000 website visit and practice ballots.
Canvassing groups reached 17,000 homes.
2,500 attended public forums, with several hundred viewing live streams.
2+million earned media impressions with 34 accurate message news items, including 3 positive news editorials.