However Wide the Sky: Places of Power

3D Animations for Documentary Film to Air on PBS.




Silver Bullet Productions uses film as a vehicle for change in Native American communities by empowering Native youth to create films that reflect their culture and heritage, and producing documentary films with authentic Indigenous voices.


The history and spirituality of the Indigenous People of the American Southwest are deeply rooted in the Land. Since the beginning of time, they have been stewards and protectors of their home lands, past and present. These places intimately connect the People and their beliefs to the natural world. No place is ever abandoned, the landscape is forever living. This is their story, of the Land and who they are. Silver Bullet Productions was in need of recreating historical moments in the doc that there were never filmed, so they decided to present them via animation.


Recreating historical events with some accuracy, within a tight deadline, and a small budget.


We were able to achieve what director David Aubrey requested, a slightly stylized combination of 3D and 2D techniques to create a penciled-in look. However Wide The Sky is currently airing on PBS stations.