Meow Wolf | Dark Palace Promo

Social Media Promo for Electronic Music Festival.




Meow Wolf curated a three-day, immersive and interactive event in Denver’s historical 600,000-square foot venue for a weekend musical trip through the realms of sound and space. The event featured a lineup of electronic artists that took attendees to the depths of their inner consciousness to explore creativity and challenge the norms of society.


30-second promotional animation for various social media outlets. Meow Wolf needed to boost ticket sales to their 'dance obscura' three-night rave in Denver, Colorado. They had really great conceptual artwork, but needed to catch more eyes. We knew animation would be a great solution.


Getting the right feeling was the challenge. We wanted a visual narrative that would eventually take us to the venue and culminates in dance. The goal was to make it feel dark but not scary. We went through various styles of music cuts and several rounds of edits until we landed on the right energy.


As soon as this piece hit social media, ticket sales skyrocketed. This asset was responsible for 33% of all sales and increased sales by nearly 50%. Over 10,000 tickets were sold in total!