Meow Wolf: Origin Story | Documentary Credits

Film Credits for Documentary About Radical Art Collective, Executive Produced by George R.R. Martin, and Premiered at South by Southwest.




Meow Wolf, a boundary-pushing arts and entertainment group based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


We were tasked with creating the film credits for Meow Wolf's documentary about their renowned 'House of Eternal Return' permanent art installation. The visuals needed to match the energy and fun that Meow Wolf brings to every project they develop.


We knew this wasn't going to be your run-of-the-mill set of film credits. Meow Wolf is an art collective known for creating bold, bright, other-worldly immersive art installations and subverting traditional methods of fine art consumption. The documentary told the origin story of the group by following the seven founding members along with volunteers through the long adventure of creating and building the installation. As the 'House of Eternal Return' was being constructed, so were the elements that would define Meow Wolf. We personally visited the 'House of Eternal Return' and felt its energy first-hand. Drawing inspiration from this remarkable space was easy. Conveying what we experienced in such a short video clip was going to be the biggest challenge. With various rooms, styles and artists, the creative energy was boundless. With the installation encompassing so many different elements and styles, the challenge was incorporating creating the sequence of credits that did justice to the complexity and excitement of Meow Wolf's visual style.


Deliverables included an opening sequence for the movie along with final credits. The result was a technically challenging, fast-paced sequence. We created a version of their signature character strutting through the scene; and in cadence with the beat of the music, the elements of this creature instantly change. It appears as a visual catalogue of different artistic styles flashing before your eyes. This was woven in with stills awash in pop colors and shapes that were directly drawn from several of the most memorable rooms in the 'House of Eternal Return'. Everything came together to further reinforce the wildly creative ethos of the project and group.