Future Fantasy Delight Promotional Spots

Animated Video Bringing Renowned Artist’s Work to Life.




Nico Salazar, illustrator, muralist, and designer- the artist behind the brand Future Fantasy Delight. A regular collaborator with MEOW WOLF, Nico’s bold black and white illustrations line the walls of one of the most popular rooms in the House of Eternal Return exhibit in Santa Fe.


We were introduced to Nico’s work though MEOW WOLF who asked us to create promotional material to highlight his artistry. They wanted 5 one-minute animations representative of his signature style that could be used on social media and accompany his upcoming art exhibits.

Faithfully translating Nico’s distinctive illustrations into moving imagery provided some unique challenges. His stark black and white palette required careful attention. The contrast created by the depth of black against the vivid white is one of the most salient features of his aesthetic. However, in our work, the visual cues of movement conveyed through animation is often a product of changes in opacity. We quickly realized our typical treatments for creating these scenes were not an option. We eventually found new techniques that produced the same results without compromising the integrity of Nico’s designs.


Nico's amazing work.


We worked closely with Nico to bring his universe of characters to life, and this is the feeling we wanted to convey to viewers. The story told in his drawings is given new depth and dimension and provides a lively complement to his intricate, imaginative art. The client was extremely happy with the results. The clips have featured as animated gifs for his social media campaigns and set to appear in future showcases.