A Dose Of Reality | The Maze

New Mexico State PSA for Opioid Abuse Prevention.



Esparza Marketing and Advertising. Esparza is an award-winning digital advertising company in the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico. They provided excellent creative direction on this powerful PSA. Rising mortality overdoses rates in New Mexico had exploded to unanticipated levels. PKPR developed the Dose of Reality Campaign in 2014 to raise teen awareness about the dangers of prescription painkillers. Since then, the award-winning campaign has addressed safe use, storage and disposal, how to get and use naloxone to prevent overdose deaths and the recovery through medication-assisted treatment.  The campaigns surround at-risk audiences in their daily lives on all marketing channels with messages about prevention, treatment, harm reduction and recovery. Dose of Reality has become the go-to, one-stop voice to help all New Mexicans address this epidemic.


Design and produce a :30 PSA for television and the web,  explaining how the recovery process from opioids can feel  overwhelming. Esparza came up with the creative and we came up with the look and feel.

Coming up with a character that felt generic enough but still felt relatable. We had to come up with a style that was animated but not cartoony so as to not lose the seriousness of the spot.


An extremely successful PSA that informed and engaged, and ran for over two years.