CDC Cancer Screening

Engaging Animation to Promote CDC Cancer Screening Program.




EFK Group is a woman-owned advertising agency delivering tech-forward brand, digital, and PR experiences. The company is headquartered in Trenton, New Jersey and has additional offices in Dallas, Texas and Washington, D.C.


EFK were working on a project for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to highlight its comprehensive cancer screening program through Ogilvy. They needed to design and create a compelling and engaging animation showcasing the program to the general public. EFK came to us with a script and a basic idea of key elements they wanted to show in the animation and needed assistance with character design and creative direction for the project while making sure we stayed within the CDC’s brand guidelines.

The challenge was to create an engaging, modern animation that fit within the existing brand guidelines of the CDC.


We were able to successfully create a light-hearted, informal, and friendly animated spot that informed people about the CDC cancer screening program. We used the brand colors throughout and featured animated characters of all walks of life, ages, and ethnicities to remind people that this health screening is for everyone. Various animations depicting people engaging in everyday activities were a reminder that regular check-ups and screenings are part of a healthy lifestyle. The cancer screening animation was shared through all the CDC’s social media outlets and helped create more awareness for this important program, and most importantly, reminding people to get checked!