Marin's Dream

Psychedelic Visual Effects for MEOW WOLF and Beach House Music Video Collaboration.




MEOW WOLF, a boundary-pushing arts and entertainment group based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. They are known for immersive, multimedia experiences that allow audiences of all ages to discover art and storytelling in a unique way via permanent exhibitions in Santa Fe, Denver, and Las Vegas. BEACH HOUSE, the acclaimed American musical group who released their first and self-titled album in 2006 and have gone on to record a total of 8 studio albums. Their signature atmospheric lo-fi sound accompanied by effortless, silky vocals help create a hypnotic experience.


Meow Wolf and Beach House had worked together to conceptualize a short film called “Marin’s Dreams.” Taking place within the universe of Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart (a permanent art installation located in Las Vegas,) and set to original music by Beach House, the coming-of-age story depicts a teen experiencing the surreal and unpredictable nature of discovering one’s own way in the world. Marin, the title character of the short clip struggles to reconcile a conventional life with one that is a departure from what is ‘normal.’ Marin’s curiosity and willingness to be led toward true self-discovery reveals colorful worlds previously unseen.

Our biggest challenge was to create visuals that would match the look-and-feel installation at Omega Mart, except the installation was not yet completed.


The end result was striking, dramatic visuals evoking the mysterious and synchronous events that occur during creation and birth. Rich in color, the enigmatic, floating matter set the stage as an introduction into the ethereal world of Marin’s Dream. The result was so well-received that it was featured in an article on