Exclusion U

Graphics Package For Feature-length Documentary Streaming on Prime Video, Google Play, Xbox, & Apple TV.




EXCLUSION U is a feature documentary that pulls back the ivy curtain to reveal the shocking scandal of how Ivy League admissions really work. The real scandal isn’t a few students bribing their way to a spot, but how the entire system is designed to keep rich kids in and poor kids out, all while being subsidized by you, the taxpayer.


Cora Media is an independent production company located in South Florida. They specialize in creating compelling nonfiction and documentary content that delves into significant social, political, and economic issues.


With the limitations imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Cora Media faced challenges in their film production. They needed to fill narrative gaps and decided to incorporate animation into their project. Specifically, they sought an interesting way to present statistical data within their film.

Director Ginger Gentile expressed a preference for the aesthetic of miniatures. Thus, the task was to create 3D miniatures to align with that style. However, due to budget and time constraints, the chosen style of creating 3D miniatures proved to be expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, a solution was required that would address these limitations while still achieving the desired visual effect.

The collaboration between Little Big Bang Studios and the Orangetheory Marketing team resulted in a successful promotional video that accurately reflected the brand's visual identity. By working closely with the client and paying close attention to detail, Little Big Bang Studios was able to deliver a fun and informative video that showcased the benefits of the OT Beat Link.


To meet the budget and time constraints, Little Big Bang Studios proposed a three-tiered approach to animation styles. The first level involved incorporating basic graphics overlaying video footage to present the statistical data. This level served as a cost-effective and efficient solution to convey the information. For the second level, 2D animations were introduced, incorporating the miniature characters that were created. This added depth and visual interest to the statistics being presented, enhancing the overall storytelling experience. Finally, for the third level, 3D animated scenes were implemented. These scenes were meticulously crafted, resulting in extensive and elaborate sequences that surpassed the initial expectations. The attention to detail and the high level of complexity in the 3D animations elevated the overall visual impact of the film, providing an immersive experience for the audience.


Collaborating with Cora Media, Little Big Bang Studios successfully addressed the challenges posed by the limited shooting opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic. By adopting a tiered approach to animation styles, the project was able to incorporate engaging visuals and effectively present the statistical data in an interesting and compelling manner. The combined efforts of Cora Media and Little Big Bang Studios resulted in an animated content solution that met the budget and time constraints while maintaining the director's desired visual aesthetic. Now streaming on Prime Video, Google Play, Xbox, & Apple TV.